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Wedding Decorations

Nexa Events specializes in wedding decoration. It does not matter whether it will be a cozy wedding dinner with family or a magnificent celebration. The main thing is that it will be YOUR wedding with the unique story of your love.
We follow trends, but we are not limited to them, especially when decorating weddings or ceremonies.

Our team of professionals will create a unique wedding hall decoration, turning any room into a fairy tale. We pay special attention to our client's needs, developing an individual concept of decor and floristry for each wedding.

Wedding Decor Ideas

Beautiful and stylish decoration of wedding halls is not an easy process, in which we put all our soul and love, receiving in return your happy smiles and thanks.

wedding decorations

Wedding Decor Rental

A wedding is one of the most important life events, a bright culmination in developing a romantic relationship. It would be best if you took its organization very seriously, because you, of course, want the marriage to become a fairy tale.

If you need a wedding decor rental, you can request a quote. We will be glad to assist you with all your needs.

Why do I need a wedding decoration?




How much does wedding decor cost?

The wedding decorations can range from $1,500 to $15,000. This budget can include flowers, centerpieces, ceremony decor, and more. It significantly depends on where you get married too. For example wedding ceremony at a beach can cost you about $1300, but if you’re hosting a significant event at a venue, you could be looking at $20,000 or more.

For an indoor wedding ceremony, you may want to add an arch, flowers, aisle runner, candles, lanterns, or another decor. These elements can help add some ambiance to an otherwise plain room.


Flower Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding flower ideas, you don't have to stick with tradition. You've probably seen your fair share of bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and ceremony aisle accents. 
When you hire vendors during the wedding planning process, finding a florist who understands your vision will enhance the experience. Wedding flowers will take up a sizable portion of your budget, so work with a pro who understands what kind of style you're looking to achieve.

Our experts will help you choose the best blooms for your venue and season, and we'll make your wedding flower ideas a reality.

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