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Sound System Rental

When planning the event in Los Angeles, sound equipment must be on your checklist. Nexa Events is a full-service event planning company that provides sound and lighting rental. 
Based on our experience, some people don't pay attention to the speakers' brands or sound quality. Well, this can be a problem. The guests will enjoy music with good fidelity with the right speakers and subwoofers to achieve the desired sound.

If you are looking for the whole audio equipment package, talk to our manager or request a quote. Sound Systems Packages with different rental options depending on the size of your event have different prices.

Sound Rental Equipment

sound rental los angeles

Whether you need a simple speaker setup for wedding announcements, a business meeting or a cocktail hour or corporate event, or a 10,000-watt line array setup for a live band or DJ, we've got solutions to fit your needs and your budget.


Lighting Rental

Mobile heads are an essential part of any rental lighting setup. They allow you to cover a 360-degree area, and if controlled manually, they will enable you to focus the spotlight on any point you want.

They also offer you many options regarding color, luminosity, gobos, strobe, and many more. Just having two of these will transform your event and leave your guests in lighting awe!

Which lighting do I need at my event?

DJ Lighting


LED Lights

Stage Rental

Do you need a concert stage, speaking stage, runway, audience riser, choir riser, subfloor, or even a complete custom stage? We can do it with excellent customer service and on-time setup, install and strike, seven days a week.

Certain events require stage presence. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, model runway, or a similar fashion gathering, you may want an elevated area that stands apart from the crowd. Renting the stage units is a brilliant idea. Depending on your needs, the height of each stage can be adjusted. 

Karaoke Machine Rental

Karaoke parties are simply the best. Guarantee everybody will have a whale of a time. Karaoke competitions are an excellent way to get everybody involved on the night, complete with singing, judging & scoring.

We offer delivery, setup, and on-site technical services, including sound engineering, mixing, Dj service.

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