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Private Events Planning in Los Angeles, CA

Planning a private event can be intimidating. To prepare many things: creating the guest list, choosing a venue, setting the date, decoration, catering, entertainment, etc. People who don't know how to coordinate an event can complicate this process.

We would recommend beginning planning your budget. Never put all your money into organizing the event. According to our experience, plan at least 10% more on what you have in mind. 

Our team can explain what you need to expect and how much it would cost to plan the private event in Los Angeles.

Birthday Party

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A theme for your party in Los Angeles is an excellent way for your celebration. You can choose the theme: Casino and Vegas, 70′S DISCO, 80′S RETRO, OR 90′S POP, Bollywood, Great Gatsby, Pirates of Caribbean, Asian Theme, and more.

Corporate event

Corporate Event

Consulting with a venue will allow you to explain your needs. Most of them require to have an event planner. When you book a place, you begin planning: guest list, ordering and issuing invitations, and considering decor, menu options, and other details.


Of course, it is possible to do everything yourself, but you can miss some points without an experienced event planner. Nobody wants to have unexpected issues at their party. That is why we offer a free consultation.

How we plan your event

Nexa Events is a full-service event planning company in Los Angeles. Our team has over 13 years of experience and has created events for different cultures, nationalities, and ages. No matter how many people you plan to have, we have your back. 


You can book a free consultation with one of our event planners to learn what you want to accomplish and see how we might work together. Your dream event is possible with professional event planners by Nexa Events. 

The event planning process can be complicated as well as stressful. Our job is to make your wedding less stressful and more successful for you.

  • Choosing Venue

  • Event Design Ideas

  • Budget Development & Management

  • Catering & Menu Development

  • Rentals & Tenting

  • Lighting & Sound

  • Entertainment Bookings

  • Entertainment & Talent Bookings

  • Photography & Videography

  • Production Schedules & Event Timelines

  • On-Site Execution & Event Staffing

  • Insurance, Permits & Security

  • Transportation & Parking Logistics

  • Day-of-Coordinator

Kids Party

Whether your birthday party is at a venue or your house, choosing fun games to entertain your guests is essential! Please make sure the games are suitable for all ages. 
Two to three hours are enough for a kids' party, no matter the kids' ages. 

Everyone will have time to get to the party and time for some fun, games, and food. Plan kids' entertainment in advance because the good ones get booked up early.

Baby Shower Party

Planning a baby shower can be stress-free and enjoyable. Weekend afternoons are the most popular time for baby showers. You can either host it before or after the baby is born. Organizing a baby shower will take up to 2 months.


Consulting with the event planner or event planning company will help you focus on the right things.

Kids party
Baby shower
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