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50th birthday in Los Angeles

Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas in Los Angeles, CA

If you're planning a classic 50th bash in Los Angeles, you're probably looking for ideas that work perfectly for anyone. The following ideas guarantee everyone having fun at the party. And once you've picked a theme, make sure to check out our resource on fun party games to include.

Fun party games to include to 50th party

  • Cheers To 50 Years: Feature the guest of honor's favorite drink and start the party. This is also a perfect theme to share a meaningful toast.

  • Props to You: Congratulate your loved ones on everything they've achieved through the years. Create a photo booth with plenty of pops and fun sayings to kick off the event.

  • Rock Stars: Bring a live band and celebrate their birthday in style. This theme features lots of dancing, perfect for your rocking loved one.

  • Kids at Heart: No matter their age, the guest of honor, is young at heart. Showcase this at their 50th birthday through youthful decor. Things like bright balloons, candy, and games make perfect additions.

  • 50's Decade Party: Not only do the 50's have great decor, but they also make for a perfect 50th party theme. Encourage guests to dress in costume and include a retro soundtrack for the night.

50th birthday in Los Angeles

Ideas For Party Decorations

Party decorations make a party come alive. Make sure your 50th birthday party highlights the honoree with the following ideas.

  • 50 Rocks! Think lots and lots of pop rock candy and signs that read "50 Rocks!" For an added touch, include stones with themed wording. This makes for a light-hearted and fun theme for any 50th birthday party.

  • Golden Decorations: This theme plays into celebrating your loved one's golden milestone. Use gold accents in balloons, streamers, confetti, and anything else you want. When the guest of honor walks in they'll love this golden decor.

Ideas For 50th Birthday Gifts

When the party's over, you'll want your guest of honor to walk away with something special. Use these tips to find the right birthday gift for a loved one. If you're looking for a complete list of ideas, check out our resource on gift exchange ideas for parties.

  • Photobook: This classic gift perfectly plays into a 50th birthday theme and adds value for years to come. Highlight the years of amazing things your loved one has done with a custom photo book.

  • Jar of Messages: Have everyone unique to the honoree write a kind message and store them in a jar for later. Whether it's from a coworker, daughter, or mother, these are perfect and special to make.

  • Throwback Decor: Take advantage of your party to print tons of throwback photos of your loved one. Create customized banners or posters of those memorable old photos. This is a great way to show how much the guest of honor has changed over the years.

  • Photo Booth: A photo booth 360 is a perfect focal point for any 50th birthday party. Create plenty of props and make a unique backdrop, then let your guests go wild.

  • Singable Posters: One photo-perfect way to capture the particular person the birthday is about is through signable custom posters. Print your favorite photo of the birthday boy or girl and then leave plenty of space on the border. Give all of your guests markers and have them sign the poster with kind words and well wishes.

50th birthday in Los Angeles
  • Travel Fund: Is there somewhere your loved one has been dying to go? Have all guests contribute to a travel fund for the guest of honor. Your loved one will feel truly appreciated when they find out that a unique vacation is already funded.

  • Spa Day: This is a great way to extend the guest of honor’s special day. A spa day will help them relax and unwind, and it’s a perfect birthday gift.

  • Photo Printed Chocolates: Who doesn't love chocolate? Take this classic gift a step further by getting custom-printed photo chocolate. Use images that celebrate the many things the guest of honor has done, or use family photos. It's a great way to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

50th birthday in Los Angeles

After all party planning is said and done, you'll have created a celebration to remember. Make sure to enjoy it and spend time with your loved ones. Also, don't forget to take plenty of photos. You'll want to remember this party in years to come. Planning the perfect 50th birthday party in Los Angeles, CA means spending time with loved ones and buying a personalized custom gift that your loved one will appreciate and remember.

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